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Theatre Specification

Theatre Specification

The Full Auditorium Space

When the space is configured as a full theatre it has 308 fully upholstered seats.



The Half Auditorium Space

It can also be configured as a 100-seat theatre since there is a folding acoustic wall across the middle. 5 rows of seats are movable and therefore can be placed in front of that wall. Those 5 rows of seats are divided into 3 sections and can be placed in any way on the floor. Since all the seats are retractable the space can have any configuration that any director desires, whether it is thrust stage, room for an orchestra in a kind of pit, theatre in the round etc.


The Rear Auditorium Space

When the acoustic wall is in place the space behind this can form another auditorium.  Movable staging is used so that any configuration can be achieved in that space. The back auditorium as we will call it, will probably have a different acoustic from the front one, and might be more suitable for live unamplified music. Using the five movable rows along with loose seats the number of configurations is infinite.


The Full Floor

All the seats are retractable and the folding wall in retractable into its own space. When this is done it leaves 250 sq metres (approx 2,700sq feet) of sprung junkers floor, which can be used for dance, cabaret, a traditional session etc.


The Stage


That 250sq metres includes the stage area, which is behind the proscenium arch.  The proscenium arch is 11 meters across by 5.3 metres high and there is 1.7-metre wing space on each side. The stage manager’s corner is on stage right. There are stage gantries at a metre above the proscenium arch. The stage is 8.95 metres deep (29.36 feet). There is a fly tower 13 metres high and the rigging is as follows:

  • Back cyc. is on a drill-operated winch,

  • The back tabs are dead hung.

  • The cyc floods bar is operated by drill winch,

  • The back border is hemp clewed.

  • LX bar 3 is on a drill-operated winch.

  • The mid border is hemp clewed.

  • There is a motorised truss, which will take 500kg about 1/3 way from the back stage. The mid tabs are dead hung.

  • LX bar 2 is a drill-operated winch.

  • The front border is hemp clewed.

  • A fly bar 1/3 way down the stage is drill winch operated.

  • The front border is hemp clewed

  • The front curtain in red velour is dead hung.


Íontas over-stage measurements bar to bar

Wall to edge of gantry

80 cm

Gantry to cyc ``


Cyc to back tabs

36 cm

Back tabs to Cyc bar


Cyc bar tro back border

40 cm

Back border to LXR 3

80 cm

LXR 3 to border


Border to flying truss


Truss to mid tabs

35 cm

Mid tabs to LXR 2

105 cm

LXR 2 to border

60 cm

Border to front flying bar

80 cm

Flying bar to LXR 1

70 cm

LXR 1 to border

45 cm

Border to Pros Arch

60 cm


Lighting and Sound Controls

Lighting and sound can be controlled from the control boxes at the rear of the main auditorium, from a facility panel on the rear walkway and from positions in front of the acoustic wall.

Click here for Lighting Technical Specification >>



There are 192 circuits throughout the theatre, 186 dimmers of 2.5 kW and 6 dimmers of 5 kwatts. This is controlled by an Express 250 desk in the control room.

There are 32 DMX points wired back to a patch panel and thence into an 8-way electronic splitter.  The lanterns available are:

  • 12 x ETC 15 - 33 Degrees Zoom Profiles

  • 8 x ETC Source 4 26 Degrees Profiles

  • 6 x 1200 Watt Nota PC complete with barn doors

  • 20 x 1200 Watt Nota Fresnels complete with barn doors

  • 24 x 750 Watt ETC parnels complete with barn doors

  • 24 x 750 Watt source Pars

  • 6 x 1000 Watt 4 Cell Cyc units

  • 8 x Gobo holders (assorted Gobos)

  • 2 x Windup lighting stands complete with T-bar

  • 4 x lighting stands

  • 3 x 10m 16amp mains leads

  • 5 x 5m mains leads

  • 5 x 3m mains leads

  • 5 x 2m mains leads

  • 2 x 5 pin DMX leads (6m)

  • 2 x 5pin-3pin XLR converters

  • 33 DMX outlet points attached through DMX buffer



  • 1x Allen & Heath GL2200- 24 Mixing Desk

  • 1 x Behringer SX 2442 Mixing Desk

  • 2x Martin Audio S18 Sub Bass Units.

  • 4x Martin Audio F12 Tops.

  • 1x Martin Audio M3 Cross Over Controller.

  • 4 x Martin Audio F10 Monitors

  • 4 x Peavey PV15 Monitors

  • 2x Crown XS700 Power Amp for Subs

  • 1x Austrailian Motitor SY 1200 for Tops

  • 2 x Behringer ED 2500 for Monitors

  • 2x Crown XS700 Power Amp for Monitors

  • 1x DBX 1231 Stereo EQ for FOH

  • 2 x FBQ1502 ULTRAGRAPH PRO for Monitors

  • 1x Lexicon MPX200 Digital Effects Unit

  • 1x Behringer Multicom Pro-XL


  • 1x Tascam MD350 Pro Minidisc Player

  • 1 x Tascam CD A500

  • 2x Sennheiser ewl145 Radio Mic System

  • 6x Shure SM58 with cables

  • 2 x SM57s


  • DC1500 drum microphone set

  • 6 x Di Boxes

  • 10 Mic Stands