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Iontas Childcare

Castleblayney Community Childcare

Iontas Childcare provides a non-profit childcare service for children from 3 months until 12 years.  Our mission is to create a warm loving atmosphere, where properly trained staff, provide care and attention, structured opportunities for appropriate play and all the nurturing, encouragement and understanding children need to develop as happy little individuals.  We want to facilitate you in any way we can and for this reason, we are open from 7.50am to 6 pm Monday to Friday. In order to provide the correct ratio of carers to children, we insist that pre-booking is essential.

Our Objectives Are:

  • To provide childcare facilities for parents seeking training and employment and for members of Blayney Blades Women's Group.

  • To provide childcare under the Community Childcare Subvention Scheme and Free Preschool year (ECCE) scheme and CETS scheme.

  • To comply with all Department of Health & Children requirements for the care, protection and development of the children in our centre.

  • To involve the parents in all major decisions regarding their child and to keep them informed of their child's progress.

  • To provide training and development for staff and an information service for parents.

  • To manage the affairs of the service economically, effectively and efficiently.

  • To be publicly accountable for all grants and monies received.


creche4We operate a Creche and Pre-School service for babies and children aged 3 months-5 years. We offer full time, part time and sessional places in our service. Our service offers the Childcare Subvention Scheme, CETS (Childcare Education Training Support Programme) & ECCE Free Pre-School year.
In order to provide the correct ratio of carers to children, we have to insist that pre-Booking is essential. You can always check in the morning if there are free places on any particular day due to absences. We would request that if you have booked and your child cannot attend on any particular day please ring the service so that the place will be available for another child.


Full-time place  - 5 hours +
Part-time place  - 3½ - 5 hours
Sessional place  - 2¼ - 3½ hours

We also operate an Out of Schools service which is open Monday – Friday 2 pm – 6 pm. We offer part-time, sessional and half session places for school-age children.


Part-time  - 3½ - 5 hour
Sessional  - 2¼ - 3½ hours
Half session  - 1¼ - 2¼ hours

Our Out-of-Schools service may also open on Inservice days and during school holidays – this is dependent on bookings. We offer a Halloween, Easter and Summer Camp, which again is dependent on numbers.

  1. Access to Castleblayney Community Childcare Ltd is offered to all children inclusive of special needs, cultural and religious backgrounds.

  2. Children must be 3 months old to attend this service and should be no older than primary school age.

  3. Intake of children will be on a Pre-Booking basis only.

  4. This service operates on a first come, first served basis and children are placed on a waiting list if there are no places available at the time of enrolment.

  5. No child will be admitted until the Parent/Carer has visited the service and is satisfied with the Policies & Procedures.

  6. Each Parent/Carer must complete the full enrolment form before admittance

  7. Children must be brought to and from the service by the Parent/Carer or the person nominated in writing. All persons nominated must be 16yrs of age or over

  8. Each of our rooms implements a curriculum enriched routine based on the activities suitable for the age and stage of the children in accordance with the Highscope & Siolta curriculum.

Food and Nutrition

In regard to food and nutrition, we at Castleblayney Community Childcare aim to provide a well balanced nutritious diet to the children in our care. We provide four nutritious meals comprising of one wholesome breakfast, one wholesome dinner and two small snacks. We discourage junk food and reserve treats for special occasions. In the case of babies, we expect prepared bottles to be supplied which will be stored and heated under strict hygiene conditions. We will facilitate children with special dietary needs under strict instructions from parents. Fees include all meals provided during your child's day at our service.

Play Areas

Playrooms are provided for the following age groups.

The baby room caters for children aged 3mths – 15 months approximately. The baby room is divided into two sections to separate the crawlers from the younger babies. Adjacent to the baby room, there is a sleeping room provided where all the children have the opportunity to have a rest during their busy day. We also offer private breastfeeding facilities within this area. Adjacent to the baby room is a nappy changing area with storage units for each child's personal belongings and a nappy disposal unit. Each area is supplied with a range of toys to touch, taste, see and hear, offering stimulation for all the senses. Baskets are kept in the room for each child's dummy, daily record book etc.

The Toddler room caters for children aged 1– 2yrs approx. The Toddlers take part in a routine which includes painting, play dough, sand/water play, jigsaws, book time and outdoor play; weather permitting. Although it states that children attend this room from 1 year old, we want to stress that children do not start in this room until they are walking very steadily which could be up to 15 months old.

creche2The Junior Pre-School caters for children aged 2-3yrs. Junior Pre-Schoolers have access to a variety of toys and equipment which meets their changing and varied needs. The Junior Pre-Schoolers follow the High/Scope programme which runs for a three-hour session in the morning and again in the afternoon. Adjacent to the main Junior Pre-School area are the toilets and an exit to the large outdoor play area.

The Pre-School caters for children aged 3-5rs. This room also follows the High/Scope & Siolta programme daily with a wide selection of toys and equipment to help prepare our active learners for school. The High/Scope & Siolta programmes takes place at 9.30am-12.30pm and 2.30pm – 5.30pm each day. The High/Scope & Siolta programme is more advanced for this age group and therefore the children are more engaged in active learning, they plan their day and then recall their play experiences with their group leader and the other children. The Pre-School also has toilets adjacent to their room and direct access from their room to the outside play area.

crecheThis service operates from 2-6pm Monday to Friday, catering for children aged 4-12yrs. The service also opens from 9-6pm on in-service days and school holidays. The Out of School service provides an educational yet enjoyable range of activities for the children attending. We allow time for homework but stress that it is not a homework club as our staff are not qualified to assist with children's homework. We leave it to the parents to check their child's homework at home. We also operate a Summer Camp during the school holidays catering for primary school children which runs from 10-2pm daily. During the Summer Camp, the children attending get the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities, entertainment and day trips away to various adventure centres.