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Castleblayney Trust

The Castleblayney Trust for Homeless, Needy and Unemployed began as a two person adhoc committee on October 7, 1987. Its purpose was to provide emergency accommodation for a homeless 76 year old asthmatic man and a more permanent home for a severely battered wife and her four young children.

At the time, there was already well established St Vincent de Paul Society and a Social Services Committee for the elderly. It soon became apparent that there were many and varied needs which were not being met by either body.

In 1993, it was decided to form a legally constituted Trust with seven Trustees form Business, Service and Voluntary Sectors. In 2000, the Trust was approved as a Social Housing group, and employed two full time workers with the aid of HSE funding of €72,000 per year.


Castleblayney Trust for Homeless, Needy & Unemployed provides a vital accommodation service within the local community, owning and maintaining a variety of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flats and houses, as well as a café, and renting them to those eligible at an affordable rate.

The Staff at Castleblayney Trust offer assistance to tenants in filling out forms and applying for Social Welfare Payments.

We also offer a holiday service, a holiday home in Bundoran, at an affordable rate of €180.00 per week or €30.00 per night.

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Melissa Cole

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Care & Settlement Officer: 

Paul McGinn

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Castleblayney Trust consists of six voluntary Trustees who work with Homeless,
Needy and Unemployed people to improve their care, support, rehabilitation,
Accommodation and employment opportunities.


We believe in the ability of people to be agents of their own development, and we pledge ourselves to support that development with empathy, compassion, hospitality and mutuality. We hold ourselves accountable to all those we serve, to those who support us and to the wider Community.

In all our dealings we strive “to love tenderly, to act justly and to walk humbly with our God” (Micah 6:8).


Aim 1:

To provide temporary accommodation for those who are genuinely homeless.

Aim 2:

Attend to the genuine needs of all who present themselves without prejudging or labeling while making preferential option for those whom society rates badly in so far as resources allow.

Aim 3:

To foster links with and pursue a collaborative approach with other voluntary community and statutory agencies.

Aim 4:

To effectively, efficiently and economically manage the affairs of the Trust and be accountable for all.

Aim 5:

To create, within the limits of our resources job opportunities for the long-term unemployed in conjunction with Íontas and Muckno Community Services.

Aim 6:

To upgrade and maintain accommodation and service of the highest quality and standards.

Aim 7:

To ensure that all health and safety policies and procedures are maintained and monitored.

Aim 8:

To actively engage people in lobbying against inequality, oppression, exploitation, discrimination and injustice of all kinds.

Milestones for the Castleblayney Trust:


“Services to Homeless” Committee.


Diamond Designs Women’s Co-Op.


“Services to Homeless, Needy and Unemployed”.

Purchased Shalom.


Home and Money Management Classes.


Provided 2 mobile homes for barred husband and older men.


Established the Trustee.

Won Lakelands Enterprise Award.

Provided 2 mortgages for two families to purchase their own home.

Purchased old building for renovation.


Opened 5 fully furnished flats.

Set up Craft/Heritage/Coffee Shop.

Started Counselling Service.

Employed part-time Co-ordinator of women programmes.


Converted shed to home bakery.

Set up Blayney Blades Women’s Group.


Began studying and planning Resource Centre.

Funding applications, site surveys, drains etc.

Purchased mobile home for Bundoran to provide affordable holidays for families.


Purchased and reconstructed building to provide Community Crèche.

Millennium Plan.

Cookery Classes for children after school.

Opened Community Crèche.


Approved as Social Housing Body.

Acquired and reconstructed building to provide pre-school.

Sponsored 5 full time workers on Job Initiative.


Purchased and renovated house to provide 3 flats.

Purchased 4 units for Social Housing.

Became a member of Monaghan County Council Housing Forum.


Purchased 6 units for Social Housing and one Freehold House.

Major reconstruction of one house.

Erected fire escape at Market Square.

Employed Care & Settlement Officer.


Wooden floors and PVC Bathrooms in 4 houses.

Resettlement of 3 men from Alms Houses.

Accommodation to 2 Nigerian students.

Building of Resource Centre.


Borrowed half a million euro to donate to Resource Centre.

Renovation of 3 houses.

Older and Bolder Service established.


Íontas Resource Centre Opened.

Community Crèche and pre-school relocated to Íontas and properties sold.

Service agreement reviewed with HSE.

Forty-Two people accommodated.


Nine Tenants moved on.

Major redecoration of house units and for new fire regulation on all units.

Renegotiation of Loan from N.I.B. to Ulster Community Investment Trust.

Problems associated with Rent and ESB arrears; Anti-social behaviour; illness and instability of some tenants.

Forty-six people accommodated.

Increased administrative demands from HSE.


Bad Debts continue to be a problem, mainly due to Habitual Residency Rule.

HSE withdrew all grant funding.

UCIT Loan repayments were re-negotiated and reduced from €6,364 to €4,137 per month.

41 people accommodated in 2009 and 38 in 2010.