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Phelim & The Drew House Band

Phelim & The Drew House Band

22 May 2020 8:00 pm

Phelim & The Drew House Band
Growing up I was always struck by the electricity generated by a concert given by The Dubliners. Looking back I can see that the group as made up by the individual strength of each performer but together they were a force of nature. That energy and excitement coupled with the unbridled joy of the audience made for a nights entertainment that felt more like a party in full swing where the host and guests were in perfect harmony.
My ambitions as a singer have always been modest as a result. Large shoes to fill?!
However in my chosen path as an actor musician has always played a part, either professionally in shows like The Abbey Theatre production of The Risen People or more recently the musical Once and also, over the years, playing with with friends in bars.
In the years since my father passed away, 10 years, I've come to enjoy listening back over his musical legacy and the wealth of material has reawakened not only a sense of pride but also appreciation.
With the upcoming show at Íontas Arts Centre, Castleblayney I'll be singing some of the songs made famous by Ronnie, Luke, Barney, Ciaran and John as well as other personal favourites by other artists including The Pogues and Paul Brady that will hopefully go towards making up a night that the audience will enjoy as much as I will.

Friday 22nd May, 8pm
€22 / 20

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