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No Borders

No Borders

29 September 2019 8:00 pm

No Borders

This programme has a series of musical performances and historical talks aimed at encouraging understanding of our shared history and encouraging the expression of that creatively through music, talk and discussion.  In a time of impending BREXIT, now more than ever it is important for us to reach out and extend the hand of enduring friendship to our diaspora in Leeds and other parts of the U.K.  Traditional Irish music is a source of connection, of continuity in a time of change and a shared experience that communities can come together in an atmosphere of shared joy and cooperation.  This event is all about allowing young people from different cultural and musical backgrounds to learn from each other and collaborate in performing together over a weekend music and cultural festival.  This will culminate in a final concert with young performing musicians members of Ulster Scots, Drumlin and Traditional Musicians from Leeds U.K. in a collaborative piece of music together with their tutors and renowned guest musicians from the locality.


Legacy:  These workshops, sessions, recital and concert will be filmed and digitally recorded during this weekend and made available as an educational resource and legacy to celebrate the connective nature of music among our different communities and diaspora.

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