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Callans Kicks Live | Iontas Theatre Castleblayney

Callans Kicks Live | Iontas Theatre Castleblayney

13 May 2022 8:00 pm

Callans Kicks Live | Iontas Theatre Castleblayney

Callans Kicks Live



This event was rescheduled from April 25th and also 22nd/23rd Oct 2021. All tickets remain valid for this new date.


Impressionist Oliver Callan brings his award-winning Callan’s Kicks comedy show to life on stage for the first time in five years.


Aiken Promotions and Leo Varadkar (ledgebag and Teesh) are totes excited to announced RTÉ’s award-winning show Callan’s Kicks Live on stage nationwide in 2020. Oliver Callan brings his huge cast of characters on the road for the first time in the age of Leo, Boris and Trump. It’s no Kylie concert, but Leo heads a troupe of voices from the world of Irish politics, sport and entertainment.


As the 2020 General Election campaign gets underway, Callan goes from town to town deconstructing our leaders and stars in a special night of comedy and satirical commentary. Join the Marty Party, Paschal “I only have a certain amount of money” Donohoe, hear an alternative history of Ireland, a whirlwind tour of county accents, movie stars and GAA legends.


Ever wondered what really happens during Marian Finucane’s newspaper panel? What did Enda Kenny do next? Who’s actually pulling Mary Lou McDonald’s strings? Is Michael D Higgins still a thing? Why is Bertie back? Can Dermot Bannon be stopped and brought to justice?


Oliver Callan brings his most ambitious live show on the road yet, with dozens of impressions, sketches and voices kicking our leaders and legends into the next decade.

Praise for Callan’s Kicks Live:


“Totes lolcano. I love laughing at myself because it gives my amazeballs abs a workout and makes me look 5% more relatable and less like a neocon passing off my resting bitch-face disdain for Middle Ireland as intellectual aloofness”

Leo Varadkar, Taoiseach and Minister for Ignoring the Housing Crisis


“Let’s get this show done! Callan’s Kicks Live can travel freely across the border, which after Brexit will be invisible, like a pair of hands groping under the linen for a pair of thighs at a dinner table in the 90s”

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister and Shaved Yeti


“No one loves Ireland more than me, with its bagpipes and haggis puddings. And the data centres all in the one place to make it easier for my friends to hack”

Donald W.T.F. Trump, President and Box of Taco Fries in a Suit


“I’m so excited about this show, a bit of wee has come out”

Enda Kenny, waiting on a massive retirement lump sum with no tax or f**ks given

Friday 13th May 2022, 8 PM

Saturday 14th May 2022, 8 PM

Tickets €30

2020 Postponed tickets from Saturday, April 25th, Friday 11th Sept & Saturday 12th Sept are automatically transferred to the same night of the week originally booked.


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